Site Updates — Padlock Core Site Changelog

2021-04-08 — Added three archive videos from Best from, it appears to be the 80s/90s. About the SFIC core, combinating to A4, and patented keying system.
2021-04-02 — Added two more memos about the patented keying system and the court loss to Ilco.
2021-03-29 — Added an internal Best memo relating to PKS patent enforcement. Thanks to David Hartley for the contribution.
2021-02-16 — Updated Best Padlock Model List — to include the WW II zinc and steel alloy models — still incomplete, but these are the ones I have verified existed. If you have more, please get in touch. Also added a column with padlock shape — there are 3 major shapes, elliptical, oval, and square.

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A site dedicated to the history of the Best Lock Corporation Interchangeable Core Padlock.